Our Products

products handcrafted by a charted Herbalist in Canada.

Like King Fir Spa & Wellness, The Hedgerow cares about the impact their products have on the environment and social equality. Endorsing worldwide organic farming practices is not just good for you; it's good for the planet!

SOURCES: Organic ingredients are Hedgerow's base platform for all products; if they are not available, they will only use wild crafted (sustainably harvested from the wild in spray free zones) or chemical free (uncertified organics) ingredients, to support ethical farming practices. This is a key element to their business, ensuring the product you buy from us at King Fir Spa & Wellness has had a minimal impact on our non-renewable resources and biodiversity.

FAIR TRADE: The Hedgerow are passionate about global social equity and believe it brings much needed value and dignity to worldwide workers and their communities. That is why they insist on company transparency - it's important in today's economy to know where your product comes from and that human equality is upheld.

ECO-FRIENDLY CONTAINERS: All Hedgerow products support local manufacturers and ecofriendly solutions. Their products are packed in biodegradable shrink wrap and plastic, reusable and recyclable glass containers, BPA and Phthalate Free recyclable plastic, recycled craft tubes and boxes, and sustainable hemp fabric.

  • Organic soaps
  • Everything you need to make your face and look and feel amazing.
  • Moisturizer for hand and Body
  • Therapeutic flax seed pillows infused with essential oil - great hot or cold

Ask our therapists about the amazing benefits of using natural products and the range available from The Hedgerow during your visit to King Fir Spa & Wellness.

More information about the process and ingredients used by The Hedgerow can be found at http://thehedgerow.ca/